The volunteers brought gifts to the 'brave' casualty

A nine-year-old who was rescued by lifeboat crews when he dislocated his hip while sailing received a special visit in hospital last night.

The volunteer crew from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) station at New Quay and Ceredigion RNLI lifeguard Heather Llewelyn paid a visit to Ethan Read Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth.

The last time the rescuers had seen the youngster, he had been in tremendous pain after dislocating his hip whilst on board his grandfather’s boat in New Quay harbour.

RNLI team were so touched by Ethan’s bravery, they made a special trip
to hospital last night to cheer him up with some sweets and other RNLI

Ethan and his family who were on holiday in the area from
Hereford praised their kindness and professionalism.

Grandmother Lynda Read wrote on New Quay RNLI’s Facebook page: ‘I
cannot thank you all for the wonderful help you gave to Ethan.

being taken to Aberystwyth hospital Ethan was given an emergency
operation at midnight.

‘His hip was dislocated and had to be screwed back
in place, it was also decided to secure the other hip also as it turned
out to be a growing condition that in the majority of cases would
happen to the other leg within a year or two.

‘He was a very
very brave young man and we are so proud of him, but also so thankful to
the RNLI New Quay.

‘Thank you everyone, you were fantastic….Keep up the
good work guys and girls we are all very proud and grateful of the work
you do.’

‘Pure class’

The New Quay inshore RNLI lifeboat was launched to Ethan’s aid at
midday last Saturday, 27 July. When the lifeboat arrived on the scene,
Ceredigion RNLI lifeguard Heather Llewelyn had also been alerted and was
rendering assistance.

The volunteer crew lifted a stretcher on board the boat Ethan was
carefully lowered into the inshore and slowly ferried to the beach to
await the ambulance.

RNLI crews and lifeguards are fully trained in
first aid and were able to administer pain relieving medication and
ensure that Ethan was secure and kept in a safe position.

The inshore lifeboat was crewed by Ben Billingham (helm), and RNLI
volunteers Bernard Davies and Simon Rigby. All three visited the
hospital last night along with RNLI lifeguard Heather Llewelyn.

Lynda added: ‘‘I would like to thank everyone who came to see Ethan, he loved the
visit and all the goodies brought for him.

‘Ethan’s dad is so impressed
with all the team, he cannot get over the fact RNLI crews not only give
up their time to do the job as a volunteer but also give up an evening
to come and visit a little lad. Pure class!’


New Quay RNLI rescuers visit Ethan Read in hospital. Credit: RNLI

Stills from a video of the New Quay RNLI rescuing Ethan Read. Credit: RNLI