A 28ft Bayliner boat was recovered by Poole all-weather lifeboat after it lost its mooring and washed up on rocks near the entrance of the harbour.

The lifeboat had launched on exercise yesterday evening Tuesday (November 17} when it was tasked to the incident, some 15 minutes later.

The stricken boat was located on the south side of the chain ferry slipway in ‘very shallow’ waters, which restricted the lifeboat’s movements. It was decided that a crewman would take the chain ferry across thus enabling them to take a closer look at the state of the vessel.

The lifeboat crewman arrived on scene at South Haven Point, where he was joined by the  Swanage mobile coastguard unit. The boat was damaged but able to float.

Although the vessel was secure it was felt that it would break up if it was left where it was by the worsening weather, which was gusting force 7-8 , with sea states moderate to rough.

The rescue teams towed the vessel clear and arranged for lift out at Parkstone Bay Marina.

The crewman on the shoreline rocks secured the tow line and the all-weather lifeboat towed the vessel free although damaged it was able to float, the crew had prepared the salvage pump but it was not required at this time.

A request was made that the inshore lifeboat rendezvous with the all-weather lifeboat and take over the tow of the vessel, this was done and a crewman was transferred with the salvage pump on board

The inshore lifeboat carried on with the tow and took the vessel safely in to Parkstone Bay Marina whilst stemming the ingress of water by using the salvage pump on board.

The all-weather lifeboat  volunteers arrived back at station by 9.45pm, with the inshore lifeboat, close behind just after 10.15pm.