Public consultation launched for Scotland's first National Marine Plan

The Scottish Government has published a joint marine consultation which includes Scotland’s first National Marine Plan.

The marine plan aims to provide a single framework to manage all activity in Scottish waters, and provide clarity to developers and decision makers on Scotland’s priorities for sustainable use of the sea

The consultation also covers proposals for a network of new Nature Conservation Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) which if designated would increase protection for Scotland’s iconic marine species and habitats.

Draft sectorial marine plans which aim to guide development of a sustainable and successful offshore renewable energy industry in Scotland are also part of the consultation.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and RYA Scotland say recreational
boating needs to be considered in Scotland’s recently published plans on how
Scotland’s seas are managed in the future.

Caroline Price, RYA planning and environmental Manager, said: ‘The RYA and RYA Scotland will be working together in responding to these three draft plans and will publish more information on what they may mean for recreational boating once we have examined the documentation for each, comments.

‘We have been working closely with Marine Scotland and other public bodies; together with renewable energy developers in order to ensure that recreational boating’s interests are recognised and considered.’

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James Stuart, RYA Scotland CEO, added: ‘It is important that individual boaters engage with these consultations.

‘This is a central point in time for Scotland’s marine environment and for its on-going development of offshore renewable energy; these plans will set the foundations for the future.

‘So it is vital that the boating community as a whole submits its views and responds to the consultation.’

Marine Scotland will be holding a series of public consultation events happening around Scotland to explain more about the consultation. These events are free and open to everyone.
You can view the consultation documentation and get details of the public consultation events online at . The consultation will run for 16 weeks until 13 November 2013.

Picture: Rockall, Scotland, Crown Copyright 2011 Marine Scotland