Eneco Wind UK Ltd (Eneco) and EDF Energy Renewables have today formally submitted their application


Wind UK Ltd (Eneco) and EDF Energy Renewables have today formally submitted their

application for consent to develop the Navitus Bay Wind Park on the south coast

to the Planning Inspectorate.


the application is accepted for examination and if the scheme is granted

planning permission, the Navitus Bay windfarm would see up to 194, 200m-tall

wind turbines constructed in Christchurch Bay, 8.6 miles south west from the

Needles – larger than any existing offshore wind farm.


project is predicted to produce enough energy to provide power for 710,000



Unsworth, Project Director at Navitus Bay, said: ‘If PINS accept the

application, it moves into the pre-examination phase, during which members of

the public can make representations directly to PINS, detailing their views on

the wind park.

‘Once PINS has confirmed acceptance of our application, we will

provide details on how the public can make representations.

‘After the

pre-examination phase, the examination phase starts, during which PINS

considers the application and all representations to decide whether a

Development Consent Order will be awarded to the project.’


Royal Yachting Association has pledged to examine navigational risks assessment

for the wind farm.


Carruthers, RYA cruising manager said: ‘Naturally, if the application is accepted

for examination, the RYA will be registering with the Planning Inspectorate as

an interested party in order to represent recreational boating interests.


RYA raised a number of navigational issues with the developer during the

consultation stage which we are pleased to say were satisfactorily resolved.


that the full application has been completed we will want to understand how

shipping and navigation will be affected and how the marine navigational safety

risks have been assessed in the application documents.’