Crown Estate working on proposals for North Devon harbour

The Crown Estate is reported to be working on a proposal for the redevelopment of Ilfracombe harbour. Its proposals, still in their early stages, include building an outer breakwater, a marina with a barrage and lock and facilities for ferries and visiting cruise ships.

The Crown Estate has met with North Devon Council, the owners of the harbour, to discuss the possibilities of the plan. The scheme has been drawn up to include berths in the inner and outer harbour and a commercial fishermen’s quay on the southern side of the harbour.

Paul Yabsley, chairman of Ilfracombe’s Harbour Board, told the North Devon Journal: “The Harbour Board is currently in very early negotiations with a potential developer for a very comprehensive development for the harbour.

“We are very excited about it, but it really is too early to count on it, until we get much further down the road. There will be huge financial obligations to take into consideration, but we are rising to the challenge. If this comes to fruition, it will regenerate the town in one fell swoop.”

The scheme could tie in with an existing plan to introduce a ferry link to Swansea, hoped to begin services in 2010.

Image and story courtesy North Devon Journal