A lone yachtsmen was rescued after falling overboard during racing at Conwy River Festival.

Conwy RNLI lifeboat was requested to immediately launch on Saturday afternoon by HM Coastguard after reports of the MOB incident.

RNLI lifeboat The May-Bob launched at 12.44pm and on arrival to the scene in Conwy Bay, the crew found that the yachtsman had been recovered by a fellow racing yacht.

However, his yacht, now unoccupied was sailing itself away from the scene.

The rescued sailor requested to be transferred to Conwy Marina on the yacht he was recovered to where he was comfortable.

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Upon arriving in the marina an ambulance was waiting and paramedics conducted checks on him and warmed him up. During this time the RNLI lifeboat towed the now unoccupied yacht to the safety of the marina.

After securing the vessel, a volunteer lifeboat crew member proceeded to the ambulance to check on the casualty, who he was given the all clear once the paramedics were happy that his body temperature has risen sufficiently. He was then escorted to his now secure yacht.