Recycling old sails

Jeckells The Sailmakers has announced a new corporate strategy that sees 100 per cent of all their old sails and off-cuts recycled.  

Sails have crossed seas and oceans, are rich in character and steeped in adventure and when they aren’t quite good enough for the boat that doesn’t mean that they should be relegated for landfill.

Chris Jeckells, Managing Director of Jeckells The Sailmakers, comments; “Our decision to recycle 100 per cent of our sails is as romantic as it is environmental. Every sail has an exciting history, which translates perfectly into modern living. Our old sails become someone else’s new chair, cushion, windbreak or pet bed – perfect for everyone especially those living the nautical life.  

The material which sails are usually made of is generally Dacron and difficult to dispose of as it cannot be burned. By opting to recycle we are supporting sustainability and promoting recycling, two vital considerations for any business these days. We also recycle all of the metal fixtures and wire from the old sails and wastage from the shop floor which is melted down and reused again.”   

Chris Haylett of Jeckells the Sailmakers has put into place an environmental policy that requires the company is as proactive and forward thinking a company as possible with an emphasis on recycling.

Haylett comments; “We developed this initiative because we feel we have a great opportunity to help with the challenges that recycling brings. Our environmental policy will ensure that all our old sails, off cuts and metal wire and fixings will be recycled all the time so that as a company we can look to the future and know that we are doing as much as we can to make the future a little cleaner and greener.”

Jeckells concludes: “All sailors and sailing-related businesses should take effective measures to sail green. Oil, oil filters, batteries, tarpaulin, antifreeze and electronics are some of the more traditional recyclable items related to sailing yet all sails will eventually wear out and need replacing. It is our hope that recycling sails will become part of the norm.”