A new online e-Residence application system is making it easier for cruisers in the Republic of Turkey to renew their permits.

The Ocean Cruising Club has been advised by the OCC Finike Port Officer Samet Gölgeci that a new online e-Residence system is making it easier and faster for foreigners to apply for residence permits and renew online.

As of last week, renewal procedures are now being processed electronically without going to the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management. A valid mobile number and e-mail address must be provided for validation and notification.

The OCC says this is a welcome development at the start of the cruising season in the Mediterranean.

First applications and applications for transfer between residence permits are received electronically, printed and submitted in hard copy with backup documentation; foreigners are given an appointment for follow-up while the applications are processed.

Foreigners must present at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management on the date of the appointment to complete the procedures. The appointments given by the Foreigners’ Departments prior to 18-05-2015 shall be renewed in the system.

An instructional booklet can be found online at www.goc.gov.tr. Download the necessary forms and follow the instructions at https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/. The information is presented in English.