Chandler's book-signing at Southampton

Paul and Rachel Chandler‘s terrifying year-long ordeal at the hands of Somali pirates has been made into a book, Hostage, published yesterday.

The book is already causing controversy with criticism of the British government.

The BBC was quick to highlight one quote: ‘We realise that once we were within Somalia, the government could do little directly to help us but they could and should have done more to support our close family members.’

The couple qualify that, however, saying that after their release they had ‘excellent support’ from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The Chandlers are now PBO writers as well: their serialised account of the restoration of their beloved yacht Lynn Rival after their return from Somalia begins in the October issue of Practical Boat Owner, on sale 15 September.

The authors will be signing copies of their book Hostage at the Kelvin Hughes stand J001, on Saturday 17/Sunday 18 September between 11-12 and 2-3pm, at the Southampton Boat Show.