Fourteen rescued following tragic incident, which killed four

Four people were killed and 14 were rescued when a helicopter crashed into the North Sea.

lifeboat crew members from Aith and Lerwick RNLI lifeboat stations in the Shetland Isles attended the incident on Friday evening at the request of the Coastguard.

The multi-agency emergency response following reports that a helicopter had ditched into the sea west of
Sumburgh airport on the Shetland Isles.

It is believed the helicopter, a Super Puma L2 helicopter, was
carrying 16 passengers and two crew from the Borgsten Dolphin oil
platform in the North Sea and was operated by CHC for Total, taking
people to and from oil and gas platforms.

Both lifeboats made their way to the scene throughout the evening and
assisted in the search for passengers with other agencies, including
two rescue helicopters, a passenger ferry and a cargo vessel.

the lifeboats were still making their way to the scene, 14 people were
rescued. Once on scene both lifeboats assisted in the search for four
people that were unaccounted for.


On Saturday, Police Scotland confirmed that
three bodies had been recovered, two of which were recovered by Lerwick
RNLI lifeboat and taken to a nearby pier. Work is underway to
recover the fourth deceased person.

A spokesman for the RNLI said: ‘Sadly the bodies of three people
have been recovered in the aftermath of the crash, and we know
that agencies are working to recover the body of the fourth person.

can confirm that the RNLI lifeboat crew from Lerwick lifeboat station
recovered two of those people. The lifeboat crew transported them to
Sumburgh and we are liaising with other authorities as things develop.

this is the news that everyone, included our lifeboat volunteers,
dreaded – our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones
of those four people.

‘We can also confirm that one of our lifeboats has
also been involved in reclaiming wreckage from the scene as part of the

The wreckage of the helicopter had been situated in a fairly
inaccessible position near cliffs, and weather conditions at the time
was described as not particularly good.

Aith RNLI lifeboat managed to
tow the wreckage off rocks and it was being held in the shelter of a bay
until a recovery operation could commence.

Pictures: RNLI lifeboats involved in rescue operation following North Sea helicopter crash. Credit: RNLI