Respect to sailing legend who passed away in May this year

As mark of respect and as a tribute to the open water Wayfarer sailing legend, Frank dye, who died in May this year, the Maritime Museum in Falmouth (NMMC) has put his Wayfarer Dinghy, Wanderer back on display.

Along with his wife Margaret, Frank Dye has been described as probably the greatest dinghy cruiser this country has known and was famous around the world for his daring voyages, many of them carried out in Wanderer.

Under the expert seamanship of Frank and Margaret, Wanderer sailed over 40,000 nautical miles, including remarkable ocean crossings from Scotland to Norway, Iceland and beyond the Arctic Circle.

Museum Director Jonathan Griffin said: “This display is our small way of celebrating Frank’s remarkable life. The case alongside Wanderer includes a copy of the service sheet from Frank’s funeral and his empty boots – which no one else can fill. Frank truly was a legend among sailors and will be greatly missed.”

Wanderer will be on display at the Maritime Museum until the end of July.

Photo captions:Curatorial Assistant Dani Pereira puts the finishing touches to the Frank Dye case.

Open water wayfarer shot: c/o Bill Brockbank’s website: