Here’s to a learning environment. Editor David Pugh welcomes you to the latest issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine.

Life without learning would be pretty dull. Admittedly, when you’re going through the intense years of school and university it’s easy to think that you’ve had your fill, but most of us derive pleasure from learning something, whether it’s from reading, audiovisual media, attending talks or simply from experience.

A couple of weeks ago PBO attended Scotland’s Boat Show, a three-day event held annually at Kip Marina. We had arranged a selection of presenters to speak on the RYA stage on various topics, from using sealants through to boating on a budget.

All the talks attracted a fair audience, all hoping to learn something, although the fact that Dylan Winter’s gloves-off exposition of the merits and demerits of boating on a budget pulled the biggest crowd goes to show that learning is best blended with entertainment.

Sarah Brown at Scotland's Boat Show

Sarah Brown at Scotland’s Boat Show

The surprise highlight for me, however, was Sarah Brown’s talk on invasive species. I certainly learned something, and she’s the first speaker I’ve ever heard make a talk on environmental issues entertaining. We laughed, at the same time taking on board a sobering message about how small boats ease transit of some potentially very damaging species between regions and continents.

Starting off with a rather small audience, people soon started filling seats as photos of various critters (including the infamous killer shrimp) flashed up on screen with descriptions of their modus operandi – the marine animal kingdom is not a pleasant place to live.

As boat owners we have a responsibility to avoid facilitating these creatures’ movement to new areas, as preserving our coastal cruising areas is essential to our ongoing enjoyment of the sport. Sarah will be writing about this important but perhaps not well recognised topic in a forthcoming issue.

Our project boat is another good source of learning. I’ll admit it – my past efforts at making neat fillets with epoxy, or anything else for that matter, have usually ended up with plenty of mess and consequent swearing. The resulting job has usually been strong and fit for purpose, but not necessarily pretty.

As the project boat has a vast number of these joints to make, and Ben Meakins’ record is little better than mine, we thought it wise to get some advice.

Hamish Cook from Wessex Resins visited to show us how it’s done – and it’s not that hard after all. With his expert hints we managed to epoxy all the frames to the keel, and it looks impressively tidy.

Assuming we’re not the only ones to get messy with epoxy, we’ve passed on Hamish’s wisdom in a filleting tutorial: you’ll find it on page 28 of the latest issue.

Elsewhere in the magazine you’ll find the next instalment of David Parker’s article on how to build a dinghy, collision avoidance tips with AIS (plus responses from professional mariners as to whether they monitor small-boat transmissions), a cheap, innovative new gearbox, designed by students for use in Ghana, and a discussion of the future for old GRP boats.

You’ll also find our grand Christmas giveaway. With another year’s worth of PBOs gone to press, we’ve teamed up with the manufacturers of our top-reviewed items from 2016 to bring you a huge prize collection worth more than £2,700, all of which will go to one lucky winner.

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Fair winds,
David Pugh

David Pugh, PBO editor

David Pugh, PBO editor

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