Motorboat damaged in arson attack in Arundel

A 30ft motorboat that took part in the Dunkirk evacuation has been torched at her mooring in Arundel.

Cresta, a 30ft wooden boat built in 1936, was being restored by her owner, Toby Harvey. He said: “She has been to war and back, only to be destroyed by vandals. She was 100 per cent original, made from mahogany. Everything was intact, even the wooden drawers still slid open. Now look at her.”

Cresta is now lying on the river bed, visible only at low tide. She was one of three boats attacked on Christmas morning.

Littlehampton police confirmed that CCTV footage was being studied, along with forensic clues left on one of the boats cut adrift. Sgt Peter Allan told the Chichester Observer: “Arson is an extremely serious offence, and one that is very dangerous. It is with much regret that in this case, the fire was started in a boat that has such a long and distinguished history, and was a labour of love.”

Anyone with any information should call PC Bernie Lawrie on 0845 60 70 999.

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