A dismasted yacht was rescued by the independent Caister Lifeboat charity service off the coast of Norfolk.

Caister’s all weather lifeboat Bernard Matthews II was paged just after 8pm last night to a yacht with a broken mast, about 10 miles off Happisburgh.

The lifeboat was launched within six minutes of paging, and the crew reached the stricken vessel Wysiwyg and secured a tow line.

The lifeboat crew decided to tow the yacht to Lowestoft, as Great Yarmouth was ‘too tidal’ for the disabled yacht which had its mast over the side with sails and rigging in the water.

RNLI Happisburgh Lifeboat also attended and escorted the stricken vessel to Lowestoft.

Under tow - in the darkness of night only Wysiwyg's navigation lights were visible

Under tow – in the darkness of night only Wysiwyg’s navigation lights were visible

Just after midnight Wysiwyg was safely alongside Lowestoft Harbour and lifeboat crews returned to their station around 12.45am.

An RNLI Happisburgh Lifeboat spokesman said the rescue demonstrated: ‘Excellent teamwork.’

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