An Irishman who was ‘sick of life’ took a 17ft yacht from Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire and attempted to sail to France.

Unfortunately for Fanche Mahe, 30, of County Galway, his escape plan was cut short 4.5 miles southeast of the harbour.

The owner of Summer Lily had also planned to take to the water on 26 June and spotted his cruiser’s red sail disappearing into the distance.

Mahe pleaded guilty to taking the £2,500 vessel without consent, at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on 27 June.

Prosecutor Ellie Morgan said the owner found his mooring empty and contacted the harbourmaster who called the police and the coastguard. Tenby RNLI’s lifeboat was launched with police officers on board, and caught up with the stolen vessel, which had sustained £50 of damage.

Mahe told police his motorbike had broken down. Ms Morgan added: ‘He said he was just sick of life and wanted to “piss off and go sailing”.’

Michael Kelleher, defending, said Mahe had run out of money and was at his wit’s end: ‘Very foolishly he decided to go sailing as a way of blotting everything out of his mind.’

Magistrates fined Mahe £293 and ordered him to pay court costs of £115 plus £50 compensation.

Court report courtesy of the Western Telegraph, read the full article here.