RYA SafeTrx is a smartphone app that enables boat users in UK territorial waters to plan their passage

1,000 people have downloaded anew Royal Yachting Association (RYA) smartphone app that aims to help the coastguard to track
down missing boats

SafeTrx, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices, allows users to plot
and then upload their passage plan and estimated time of arrival.

If the
estimated time of arrival is exceeded without the trip being completed, then
the designated emergency contacts are automatically notified.

the data sent by the SafeTrx app during a voyage, the Maritime and Coastguard
Agency will be able to pinpoint lost and stricken boats more quickly.

Oliver, head of maritime operations at the MCA, said: ‘During a search and
rescue incident, the UK coastguard collects vital information about the people
and vessels involved.

did they set off? Where were they going? When were they due back? What was
their last known location?

are all vital pieces of the puzzle and the coastguard welcomes any system that
can contribute to the information gathering effort. RYA SafeTrx will help
provide this information, meaning that valuable time is not lost.’

technology has been in use in Ireland and Australia for some time, and now the
RYA’s adoption allows members to take advantage of the service in UK
territorial waters for free.

can download the app free of charge, and data logging credits are available in
bundles of 10 for £1.49 or 20 for £2.49.

app can also deliver performance analytics for those keen to plot their average
speed or total distance travelled.

Carruthers, cruising manager at the RYA, said: ‘Although RYA SafeTrx is not
intended as a replacement for regular approved safety devices (VHF, APIB, AIS,
etc) it will be beneficial to the one million users of small powerboats, RIBs,
PWCs and for dinghy cruisers for whom existing tracking technology is not
always practical.

now a simple, cost-effective system of tracking and alerting has not been
available for these boat users. When we learned about this app and its enormous
safety benefits we knew that we had to bring it to the UK.’

SafeTrx is available to download now from the iTunes app store, while Android
users can find the app on the Google Play Store.

Watch the RYA SafeTrx introduction video