The RYA has published a set of Frequently Asked Questions and guidance documents for boaters in the UK

With over 60 different rule changes from the Government since March 2020 it is hard to keep up with what is and isn’t permitted in any walk of life, let alone boating.

But the Royal Yachting Association has put together yet another set of guidelines and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. There are separate pages for boaters in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

All four countries’ guidance, however, adheres closely to the following main point taken from the guidance for England (all links at bottom of article for full FAQs):

Aside from a few exemptions (which are covered later in this document) boating will only be possible if –

• you are able to launch and recover your boat from a publicly accessible place

• you are able to do this without leaving your local area

• the relevant waterway authorities permit boating, and

• you do so alone, with members of your household, childcare or support bubble, or you do so with one other person who is not a member of your household respecting social distancing requirements at all times.

We continue to urge boaters to take a conservative and considerate approach by complying with the Government’s guidance, particularly at this time of year. Whilst some activity may be permissible, we would continue to urge you to question whether it should take place at this time.

For the full details see:

RYA Covid-19 FAQs valid in England from 5 January 2021 (Updated 8 January 2021)

RYA Boating Guidance for Scotland

RYA boating guidance for Northern Ireland

RYA boating guidance for Wales