Don't abandon ship!

Boat owners are being asked not to dispose of disused fibre glass dinghy and boat hulls, because a construction firm wants to use them to build a nautical garden for a school.

BAM Plant, part of the £1bn BAM Construct UK, has pledged £5k support to transform Park Junior School’s playground facilities. The company says it will create a walking trail, an innovative playground design, help with murals – and pride of place will be a vegetable garden using fibre glass boat hulls as planters.

Park Junior School is based in Wellingborough, close to its construction neighbour, and has approx 240 children aged between 7 and 11 ages. They aim to plant vegetables and fruit after the hulls have been treated and painted by BAM.

Agnes Miller, BAM Plant’s CSR Champion, says,

‘BAM thinks construction companies should give something back to the communities we work in. Anybody who can donate their disused or unwanted dinghy hulls will be helping us do this. We will transform the children’s play facilities and create an exciting and stimulating environment for young minds to experience the joys of sowing seeds and growing plants.’

The nautical garden should be complete by the first quarter 2010 and the company says it needs around ten hulls to complete the project. Anybody wishing to donate a boat hull to the school nautical garden should phone Samantha Amos on 01933 232082 or email her at


Photo: / Joe Polaischer