A helicopter crew is en route to the Ocean Globe Race yacht, Triana to medivac one of the crew who has a severe leg laceration

Triana crew member, Stéphane Raguenes is waiting to be airlifted from the French Ocean Globe Race yacht, after he fell on deck, badly lacerating the back of his leg.

The French sailor slipped on the deck of the Swan 53 during heavy weather yesterday afternoon. First aid was immediately administered, but Raguenes is still losing blood.

The skipper of Triana, Jean d’Arthuys has also reported that the yacht’s engine is not working, and the boat’s speed had dropped due to lighter winds.

As a result, the Portuguese Rescue Coordination Center has deployed a long-range military helicopter to airlift Raguenes back to land and medical help. Triana is now hove-to to await the helicopter’s arrival.

Triana crew, Stéphane Raguenes has badly lacerated his leg. Credit: Aïda Valceanu/ OGR2023

Triana crew, Stéphane Raguenes has badly lacerated his leg. Credit: Aïda Valceanu/ OGR2023

Triana is currently 210 nautical miles south west of Portugal; the helicopter and its crew should arrive at the yacht’s location by early afternoon.

Earlier, d’Arthuys had considered various options, including an emergency evacuation to a nearby container ship or transferring Doctor Tanneguy Raffray from Ocean Globe Race yacht Neptune, onboard Triana, but 4m seas and moderate wind conditions ruled out both options.

Diverting to Portugal was also considered but it was decided to continue south to Las Palmas.

However, Raguenes’s condition has become more serious, and after consulting with Ocean Globe Race HQ, it was decided to medivac him from the boat. His next of kin has also been informed.

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Constant satellite communication has been maintained between Triana and Ocean Globe Race HQ and satellite tracking has been updated to every 15 minutes.

MRCC Portugal, is in charge of the rescue operation with CROSS Gris-Nez, UK Coast Guard and MRCC Morocco on standby.

Triana’s EPIRB was not activated as stable communication has been established with Jean d’Arthuys and the Ocean Globe Race crisis management team by voice and text.

Triana was leading the Adventure Class, and was 7th overall, 5th in IRC racing when the emergency happened.

Meanwhile, fellow Adventure Class entrant – the US Skeleton Sailing crew of Godspeed is diverting to Cascais after a six-inch crack was discovered in the middle of their boom.

The team hopes to make repairs in the Portuguese port and then continue racing.

In the meantime, the mainsail has been lowered on the Swan 51 – the smallest boat taking part in the Ocean Globe Race – and the boom has been secured.

Positions of the 2023 Ocean Globe Race fleet – Leg One: Southampton to Cape Town at 1400 UTC on 18 September 2023

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