Painstaking review of past month's worth of footage is underway

Despite having three cameras trained on the River Hamble recording CCTV footage 24 hours a day, the chances of catching the moment the Moody 44, Jeanie Marie was actually stolen are fairly remote, admitted the Harbour Authority Marine Director, David Evans.

The boat’s owner last checked on his £100,000 yacht on 23 January this year and reported it missing on 6 March.

“Unfortunately, it takes about 15 seconds for a boat to pass through our camera’s view and we would only be able to spot navigation lights at night. They’re not infrared, or anything,” Mr Evans told PBO. “We have the last month’s worth of recordings from three cameras to look through, although the actual mooring site is not covered by any CCTV.”

The centre cockpit sloop with teak decks was taken from a midstream pontoon near the Universal Boatyard, Sarisbury Green. The cameras were installed to help Harbour authorities manage traffic.

Hampshire Police are appealing for any witnesses. Tel: 0845 0454545 or visit: