Investigation underway as the man overboard tragedy wasn't reported for almost four hours

Guernsey Police can confirm that the French authorities have now identified the body of Rene Morvan, the missing crew member from the yacht Jouvente.

Earlier this week, PBO reported that a body had been found on the French coast and was believed to be the sailor who went overboard off the coast of Guernsey.

Detective Chief Inspector Ruari Hardy said: ‘Officers from Guernsey Police together with the States pathologist travelled to France on Tuesday 21 May and observed the post mortem examination undertaken by a French forensic pathologist.

‘The Guernsey officials were acting as observers only, and it is confirmed that the French Police are also conducting an investigation into Mr Morvan’s death.

‘Complex decisions with respect to legal jurisdiction are still on-going, however there are good lines of communication with the French authorities and work is being undertaken to bring these issues to a conclusion.’

Mr Morvan, 63, was reported missing by his skipper and two crewmates
of the French yacht Jouvente in the early hours of Sunday 12 May after
they had moored up at St Peter Port.

The report came almost four hours after they say Mr Morvan fell overboard off Les Hanois
Lighthouse, Guernsey at around 9pm on Saturday night.

The three yachtsmen were arrested by Guernsey Police but released on police bail after interviews and allowed to return home.

(Picture: The French yacht Jouvente being moved to the Border Agency compound. Credit: Tony Rive)