Two boats were damaged when a yacht owner heated lanolin and it caught fire

Two boats were badly damaged by a fire which broke out at a marina following some propeller maintenance work.

Two fire crews attended the blaze at Premier’s Swanwick Marina, on the Hamble River, on Saturday.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and Premier Marinas reported that a 10.7m (35ft) sailing boat called Layla of Hamble was first to catch alight and suffered 65% damage by fire, the blaze then spread to Serenity, a Sealine 35, which suffered 25% damage by fire.

The owner of Layla was treated for shock and minor burns to his neck at the marina by South Central Ambulance Service. At 1.38pm the fire was completely out.

Users of the forum have reported that the owner of Layla, a Sirius bilge keeler, was heating lanolin for his propeller when the lanolin caught alight. The fire spread within minutes to the Sealine, located very close to the yacht, damaging the cabin and cockpit.

The fire service spokesman said crews worked quickly to extinguish the fire and to stop it spreading to other nearby boats.

A friend of Layla’s owner wrote on the forum: ‘Very sad really as just worked hard this last week and she was fully serviced and ready for relaunch.’