Artemis Offshore Academy is launching its first ‘préparateur’ apprenticeship programme

The Artemis Offshore Academy is looking to train an apprentice to work on the Figaro yacht racing circuit next year as shore crew.

It’s a chance to work on La Solitaire du Figaro circuit in 2014 with some of the best préparateurs in the world.

This is not a position for someone who is looking to fast track their
way into the Academy, but for someone who has a genuine interest in
becoming professional shore crew and likes tinkering around with boats.

The préparateur role could be a spingboard to work on bigger offshore projects like the Vendée Globe and Volvo Ocean Race.

But the deadline is looming and applications must be made before the closing date of Friday 1 November.

The successful applicant will receive accommodation, travel between UK and France with the squad, a weekly allowance the same as the skippers receive and all the training needed to become a full-time professional préparateur.

A spokesman for Artemis Offshore Academy said: ‘Like the Academy/Figaro/Mini is a stepping stone towards the Vendée Globe’ for the skippers, we hope through this training programme the Academy will produce a line of highly-skilled British préparateurs who will one day go on to work on bigger Volvo/Vendée type projects and also form strong relationships with the budding young offshore skippers of the future.

‘This is a really important role within the team, and professional
préparateurs can make as much as 5000 Euro just for the Solitaire – it’s a
really respected job over in France.’

The deadline for this in Friday 1 November.

Click here to find out more about the Artemis Offshore Academy’s Préparateur Apprenticeship Programme.

Find the application page here.

Pictures: Jack Bouttell with préparateur Antoine