Fishermen and seafarers urged to wear lifejackets

Two Bridlington fishermen have made a short film to
encourage their fellow fishermen to wear lifejackets whilst at sea.

two-minute film, entitled Lifejacket: a fishermans friend can be seen by clicking here.

The decision to make the film came
after a panel of experts concluded that 26 fishermen could still be
alive today had they been wearing a lifejacket when they were involved
in an incident at sea, according to 2007-11 figures.

The Fishing Industry Safety
Group (FISG), were so alarmed by the new statistic that they put the
idea of a short film forward to fishermen Dylan Silverwood and
Christopher Stewart.

They then made the film, with some help from FISG

Salmon fisherman Mr Silverwood said: ‘I wouldnt like to go to sea without a lifejacket.

‘When you hit the water, you start gasping like a fish,
so unless youve got your lifejacket on, you could be in real

He urged his fellow seafarers to watch their film and ‘consider buying a
lifejacket and using it whenever you set to sea.’

He added: ‘It really is quite
easy to wear one – a lifejacket isnt heavy or cumbersome – and it could
save your life.’

This is the first in a series of films that fishermen will be making about buoyancy wear for different types of fishing.