Watch footage from the PBO lifejacket test from the RNLI lifeboat college pool

Following on from the 23 lifejackets tested in the June 2005 issue (Click here to order a copy of 23 Lifejackets on test – PBO 462) , PBO has tested six new ones in the waves and spray down at the RNLI lifeboat college training pool. For the full test, pick up a copy of March PBO, on sale 1 February.

Click here to watch the lifejacket test in action 

Or, for something a little bit lighter, meet David Rainsbury’s Isle of Man tour guide as he (or she) goes ‘fishing for compliments’.
Click here to watch this short video 

David Rainsbury’s Navigator’s guide to the Isle of Man is in PBO March issue, on sale 1 February.