Donaghadee, BT21 0HE

Copelands Marina: Copelands Marina is one of Ireland’s first marinas. Located on the northeast coast of Ireland two miles south of Copeland Island, that lies outside the entrance to Belfast Lough, and is immediately south of Donaghadee Harbour. It is an ideal destination to enjoy Donaghadee and the Ard’s Peninsula with the vessel completely protected in the marina from all conditions. Toilets are available with washhand basins but no shower.
Showers available at local sailing club.
Pilot available for those unsure of the marina entrance.
There are bright orange leading marks.

Copelands Marina
Click on the image for an interactive Navionics chart of the approaches to Copelands Marina

Marina group:
Berth depth (MLWS): 0.2m
Approach depth (MLWS): 0m
Access restrictions: Sill approx 1.7m at half tide
VHF channel(s):
Toilets: Y
Showers: N
Laundry: Y
WiFi: O
Diesel: Y
Petrol: <
Gas: <
Lift-out: 15 tonnes
Chandlery: N
Café/Restaurant: <
Shop: <
TYHA member: N/A
TransEurope member: N
Number of berths: 5
Average price per metre: £1.98
Discounts available: Y
Harbour dues included: Y
Water: Y
Power: Y
Parking per day: £0.00