Weymouth Speed Week is the oldest and longest-running speed sailing event in the world. Held annually since 1972, it has challenged sailors of a wide variety of wind-powered craft to sail as fast as they can over a distance of 500m with their speed being recorded as the average speed over that distance.

Competitors are challenged to beat not only the harbour record but also that of the outright World Speed Record; that currently stands at 65.45 knots and was set by Paul Larsen (AUS) sailing Vesta SpeedRocket 2 at Walvis Bay in Namibia in November 2012.

Organisers are hoping that the long term forecast “Wild and Wet” is correct.

Come and see Sail Rocket 2 and find out what a 75mph sail boat looks like.

To register to take part this year and for further information please go to http://www.weymouthspeedweek.com/

Event location: Portland Harbour, Dorset.

Hosted by the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy.