The final Pro-Tide Conference will be held at Dover’s Cruise Terminal Two from September 30 to October 1.

Experts from across North West Europe will be unveiling the findings of a three-year study into generating energy from the tides.

The Pro-Tide project has been focussing on drawing power from sites that have relatively low flow rates and tidal ranges.

Experts behind the pilot scheme say it’s different from other tidal energy projects because it’s been studying systems that could work closer to the shore, in estuaries and tidal rivers, and alongside coastal defences.

More than 20 speakers and in excess of 40 delegates will be attending the two day event.

They will be scrutinising the results of tests and analysis carried out in Dover, the Isle of Wight, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Visit the Pro-Tide website to register your free attendance.

Vicki Jago, the Port of Dover’s enviornmental manager, and organiser of the conference said: ‘Tidal power is an important form of green energy. Unlike solar or wind energy, tidal doesn’t rely on specific weather to be effective – it is predictable 365 days a year.

‘However, harnessing this power is a real challenge. That’s why the Pro-Tide research has been so important and why we in Dover have been keen to play such an important part in it.”