Built as the Jaguar 22 and Alacrity 22 in the UK this Frank Butler design has been in continuous production since 1969 with over 18,000 units sold, writes Rupert Holmes


When he launched this modest ballasted centreboarder in 1969 Frank Butler is reputed to have said he would consider it a success if he built 100 boats.

Six years later the 5,000th boat left his Catalina Yachts factory and the model has remained in continuous production for more than 50 years, albeit with many improvements during that time.

The Catalina 22 is by far the most popular ballasted sailing boat with accommodation ever, with total numbers thought to be over 18,000.

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Butler also licensed the Catalina 22 design to other builders around the world, including in the UK, where it was marketed as the Alacrity 22 and Jaguar 22 and some 1,500 boats were produced for the UK and European markets.

There’s accommodation for four or five in a bright open plan layout, although the boat is too small for standing headroom. Today the Catalina 22 makes a good, inexpensive coastal cruisers.

Catalina 22 / Jaguar 22 specification

LOA: 6.55m / 21ft 6in
LWL: 5.9m / 19ft 4in
Beam: 2.34m / 7ft 8in
Draught (keel up): 0.6m / 2ft 0in
Draught (keel down): 1.5m / 5ft 0in
Displacement: 1,130kg / 2,490lb
Ballast: 250kg / 550lb
Current market value: £1,500-£6,500 / $2,000-$9,000