Now we're allowed back on the water, is it time to brush-up on your ColRegs? Take a look at these fun model boat simulations with ex-RYA Chief Examiner James Stevens

Are you windward or leeward? Starboard or port? Do you know Rule 12(iii) and how do you cross a shipping lane? This neat series of ColRegs videos we filmed back in 2012 will get you (safely) back on track.

The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (ColRegs) are published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). They set out the rules of the road at sea to prevent collisions between two or more vessels.

PBO went down to the  Warsash Maritime Academy’s Ship Handling Centre to recreate some collision scenarios with a fleet of model boats. Ex-RYA Chief Examiner James Stevens was on hand to talk us through each situation. Take a look at the individual videos below or watch the whole series in the playlist above.

ColRegs: Sail meets sail, port vs starboard

If you sail, you really need to know this Colreg: If you’re on starboard tack, you have right of way.

Colregs: Sail meets Sail, Port vs Starboard, on a reach

This video shows what to do when meeting a vessel on a reach.

ColRegs: Sail meets Sail, Windward vs Leeward

If you’re to windward you should give way because you have more flexibility; the yacht travelling leeward can really only turn to starboard.

ColRegs: Sail meets Sail, Rule 12 (iii)

Rule 12(iii) covers what to do if you’re on port tack and you meet another boat coming downwind and can’t work out which tack he’s on…

ColRegs: Sail meets Power, Overtaking

In most situations power will give way to sail. However, if a yacht is overtaking a motorboat, the yacht should give way and keep well clear.

ColRegs: Sail meets Power, crossing

A motorboat is crossing a sailing boat. The motorboat must give way.

ColRegs: Power meets Power, Crossing

Two motorboats meet each other on the beam. In this instance the blue boat is the stand-on vessel.

ColRegs: Power meets Power, Head On

Avoiding a head-on collision under power. Remember, yachts motoring are classed as powerboats.

ColRegs: Power meets Power, Overtaking

Here are your options when one powerboat is overtaking another.

ColRegs: Fishing Vessels

Fishing boats often have gear out of the back. Be sure to keep well away from the stern… but how do you know when it’s fishing?

ColRegs: Ships

Faced with 20,000 tonnes of steel bearing down on you, what do you do? Clue – don’t nip across the bow. Not even if you’re racing! This video is an eye-opener.

ColRegs: Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS)

Negotiating a Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) – how do you get across safely?

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