We tested the waterproof, floating Cobra HH350 over the course of a few months - find out our thoughts

Product Overview

Cobra HH350 handheld VHF radio


  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight


  • Not particularly intuitive


Cobra HH350 floating handheld VHF radio


Price as reviewed:


Cobra’s new handheld VHF radio is a floating, waterproof unit with a bright orange case back to aid location if dropped overboard.

Compact and lightweight, the body measures just 11cm x 6.5cm and features a flexible antenna. It transmits at 1W, 3W, or 6W power – higher than many other handheld units.

We’ve had it on test for a few months, and in frequent use the battery has lasted well, the speech is clear and the reception good. At night there’s a useful backlight, and there is a sturdy clip on the back. The radio is supplied with 12V and 240V chargers.


There are a few quirks which take some time to get used to – the squelch function is accessible by holding down the ‘call’ button, for instance – but all in all it’s a good radio at an attractive price.


Dimensions:11cm x 6.5cm