This antifouling needs to be scraped back to the epoxy, says Ben Sutcliffe-Davies. Look out for the keel corrosion too

When is it time to strip back antifouling? The PBO Project Boat survey is underway, and in this video marine surveyor Ben Sutcliffe-Davies looks at Maximus’s hull and explains which layers of paint are which.

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You can see a mix of old antifouls on the 1978 Maxi 84 yacht. This is the pre-purchase survey. The boat’s been out of the water for two years, and already Ben’s been around and noted all the seacocks and thru-hull fittings.

“This is a classic mix of antifouls that aren’t compatible,” says Ben. “The last one is starting to peel off as there’s no attachment to the previous coatings. What’s good is that because it’s got epoxy on it already, you can scrape back fairly easily.”

Old epoxies

Old epoxies were designed in two colours to help make it easier when applying one layer over another.

Ben also taps the hull with a ball pein hammer. “A hammer like this won’t do any damage to the boat,” he explains. “It will give you an idea of what you’re doing and if there’s any delamination or anything wrong with the hull.”

Good news – Maximus‘s hull is really nice and crisp.

Keel corrosion

A possible area of concern, however, is the keel. Take a look at the corrosion in the joint: “I know the boat is resting down so it’s on compression. It would be nice to see the boat lifted to see that there’s no movement before it actually goes in the water,” says Ben.

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