A solo sailor abandoned his yacht after it ran aground and began sinking on the south west coast of Scotland

The 25ft cruiser had reported machinery problems near to the harbour entrance of Ardrossan.

The yacht, under command of a single handed yachtsman was unable to make way under sail and, high on the spring tide, went aground.

Both lifeboats from Troon were launched at the request of Belfast Coastguard at 12pm on Saturday, 21 February. The Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team were also tasked.

While on route, preparations were made readying all of the equipment which may be required to assist the yacht and its crew.

The Ardrossan mobile team arrived on scene first and confirmed the yachtsman had abandoned the vessel and made his way ashore.

The yacht was by this time sinking quickly, having been holed when going aground.

Although no life was in danger the lifeboat crews, assisted by members of the Coastguard mobile team, put lines ashore to aid the vessels recovery and also to prevent the possibility of the vessel drifting on the falling tide and becoming a hazard to shipping.

With this task complete, both lifeboats returned to Troon and were made ready for service with the help of the lifeboat station shore crew.