RNLI lifeboat crew tow the stuck cruiser into deeper sea

A yacht ran aground in shallow water in Lincolnshire and sparked an early morning call out for lifeboat volunteers.


RNLI lifeboat Lincolnshire Poacher, was called in to action in the

small hours of Wednesday morning to assist the 27ft

yacht, which was initially thought to be aground at a wind farm east of Skegness.

Coxswain Ray Chapman said: ‘At 1:50am we were tasked by Yarmouth Coastguard to proceed

to the Lynn wind farm to assist a yacht with two people on board.


help us locate them quickly I requested the boat’s skipper fire a red

distress flare.

‘When the flare was fired we quickly

discovered that the vessel was actually aground in shallow water on

Skegness South Beach.’

Last month a mayday call sparked a huge response with 11 vessels ready to help yacht

The lifeboat was carefully piloted into

the shallow water near the shore and two volunteer crew put aboard to

drop the vessel’s sail and rig a temporary tow, allowing the stricken

yacht to be towed out to safe water.
Once the vessel was in the

safety of deeper water a new tow was prepared. The all-weather lifeboat

took the yacht, and her crew, towards Grimsby where they were met by

Humber RNLI lifeboat Pride of the Humber, who received the tow and carried on north to take the casualty to a safe harbour.

praised his crew, saying: ‘We reached the casualty quickly and our

volunteer crew had the vessel ready to be towed to safety in no time at


The lifeboat was recovered on Wednesday morning at 7:20am and was re-housed and ready for service at 8:30am.