...after splitting the mainsail on his yacht

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has been forced to retire from the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race after splitting the mainsail on his yacht, Grey Power.

The mainsail split between second and third reefs and the mast was also damaged.

Sir Robin and his crew member Simon Clay are now heading for Calais in France, which is the nearest port that can take the Open 60.

The race started yesterday morning off the Isle of Wight after being postponed due to bad weather on Sunday.

Sir Robin said all was fine on board and he had had a great sail otherwise and had hit 21 knots, but repairs will take a couple of days so carrying on was not possible.

Sir Robin spoke to race organisers RORC at 1830 BST yesterday to inform them of his retirement.

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Picture credit: Clipper Ventures PLC