Lecea, which manufacturers Pirolec Red Rocket Parachute Flare L-35, is recalling all devices marked with lot number 113 after a sailor was killed after firing the flare

A safety alert has been issued by the Dutch Safety Board for the use of Pirolec Red Rocket Parachute Flare L-35/L35A, batch 0525/2021 – 113.

The Spanish manufacture of the flares, Lecea, has also issued a recall for the device.

The announcement comes after a 23-year-old Dutch sailor died after firing a flare from a boat in the Pacific Ocean on New Year’s Day. It is believed the flare exploded in his hand.

Pirolec Parachute Flares are generally sold in Spain

“The experienced sea sailor fired the flare, which complied with its requirements, in accordance with the instructions. The flare did not launch as intended, but exploded immediately, with fatal consequences,” said the Dutch Safety Board, in a statement.

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“From the initial analysis of the available information, the Dutch Safety Board has not yet been able to determine whether this is a one-off accident or if a more structural problem exists. Given the nature of the incident, there is a risk that it is not a one-off incident.”

“The Dutch Safety Board calls on all owners of Red Rocket Parachute Flare from Pirolec, type L-35/ L35A, batch 0525/2021 – 113, to not use these and to replace them,” it added.

Pirolec Red Rocket Parachute Flares L-35/L35A are only sold in Spain, but this recent incident shows they are used by sailors outside of Spain.

Lecea said all customers who have received Pirolec Red Rocket Parachute Flares L-35/L35A from lot 113 will be contacted and the flares will be replaced free of charge.

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