An overhaul of Alderney's harbourmaster facilities

The old Alderney
harbour office has been knocked down and is due to be replaced with a new
facility, an investment worth more than £610,000.

The harbourmaster
has been relocated to a temporary office in the block at the Commercial Quay
entrance, on the opposite side of the quay to the pontoons, whilst demolition
and rebuilding takes place.

Resident boat owner
Chris Rees said: ‘An initial budget of £610,000 will pay for demolition of the
existing office, new piling and erection of a two storey building with a
pitched roof.

‘Further investment
will be required to fit out the upper floor. The old office was ‘in a perilous
state, suffering from cracks in the walls, vermin and water ingress’, according
to states member Bill Walden.’

The £12million refurbishment
of Alderney’s Commercial Quay in Braye Harbour has now been completed but
further work is now necessary to the east side due to shifting of the stone
revetment, which will be taking place throughout 2013.

A harbour office spokesman said they were waiting for the weather to clear before work on the new building began.