...to complete the Cruising Association's British Isles coverage

The Cruising Association is launching a new

cruising section in October to cover activity on the western coasts of Britain

and the whole of Ireland.

The Celtic Seas section will complete the association’s coverage of the British Isles: there is already a North Sea

section and a Channel section which covers the South Coast of England, the

Channel Islands and the north coast of France.

The Celtic Seas section includes the West Coast

of Scotland, the whole of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the west coasts of

England and Wales.

Events and cruises-in-company will be arranged and there

will be CelticNet, an online forum for members.

It is envisaged that in many

cases Celtic Seas will work together with existing cruising clubs and

associations in western waters to organise joint events.

The Cruising

Association already has a strong presence in the area with 11 honorary local representatives in Ireland, one in the Isle of Man, twelve in Scotland

and three in Wales: more will be recruited.

An initial meeting will be held on Saturday, 19

October at CA House, Limehouse, London, to discuss cruising in such a diverse


In addition the first year’s program will be outlined. Members of

existing west coast and Irish associations will be invited.

There will be

various speakers on the day giving short presentations and advice on sailing in

the different sea areas. A light buffet lunch will be served. Subsequent events

will be organised closer to the Celtic Seas cruising grounds.

The event is open

to members and non-members with an interest in cruising – motor and sail – in

the West, who’d like to find out what the Section can offer them, and how they

can play a part in shaping it.

CA House is close to Limehouse

Station on the Docklands Light Railway at: 1 Northey Street, Limehouse Basin, London, E14 8BT

Unrestricted car parking is


To book a place call020 7537 2828 or email reception@cruising.org.uk

Picture: Rathlin Island Marina in Northern Ireland