The Mumbles RNLI lifboat crew were out on exercise when they were diverted to aid a family out sailing who had become stranded on a shallow sand bank in the middle of Swansea Bay.

A tow was quickly established and the 24ft yacht was towed to deep water.

An hour later the same crew were called to assist a yacht aground in Caswell Bay. The crew were taken ashore while the boat was towed to deep water and two lifeboat crew sailed the boat back to a safe mooring in Mumbles. The two crew of the yacht were transported to the lifeboat station.

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Lifeboat crew Adam Evans recommended the boating advice available online at

He said: ‘The very high tide also leads to a very low tide at low water. Both skippers did the right thing and called for help sooner rather than later. The sand bank in the middle of the bay does occasionally catch people out at low water.’