His yacht was located in the North Sea following an extensive search co-ordinated by Humber Coastguard

A Yorkshire yachtsman,

reported missing, has been found alive and well on his yacht in the

North Sea, following an extensive search co-ordinated by Humber


His 17ft yacht,

Equinox, was approximately 80 miles east of Spurn Point (at the mouth of the

Humber) and rescuers found him relatively quickly today, thanks to an emergency

positioning beacon aboard his yacht which was activated.


69-year-old’s family contacted the Coastguard yesterday as they

had become concerned for his safety: they had not heard from him since 4 July

when he telephoned his son to tell him he was planning his passage


His boat was last

seen in the Kiel Canal, at Brunsbuttel,

Germany.  A

police investigation revealed that the missing man had not used his bank cards

since 3 July, leading coastguards to assume that he was at sea.


Coastguard initiated the search and rescue helicopter from RAF Leconfield to

make a wide sweep of the area from Scarborough to the median line in the middle

of the North Sea. Germany counterparts carried out a similar search from


A general

alert to French, Belgian, Dutch authorities and shipping was put out, and

Humberside Police logged a missing

person’s alert with Interpol.

Log a passage plan’ appeal


Coastguard last night also appealed to the yachtsman directly following the BBC

shipping forecast to urgently make contact and inform the Coastguard of his

safety and intentions.

Watch Manager

at Humber Coastguard, Mike Green, said: ‘We are all absolutely delighted that

this gentleman has been found alive and well.

‘It is thanks to an excellent

effort by all those involved in the search and rescue and is a testament to the

value of emergency beacon equipment.

‘It is important that yachtsmen planning

this sort of passage have adequate communications and log a passage plan with a

shore contact. The more information that is available to coastguards, the more

concentrated we can make our search efforts.’

The yachtsman

has been taken aboard a UK-registered vessel that was nearby and went to the

scene at the request of the Coastguard.

Picture: A stock image of a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter. Credit: MCA