A new taxation law affecting yachts in Greece still appears to be in a stalemate position with no forward movement since the law was confirmed in August.

But the Cruising Association (CA) is still in talks with the Greek Ministry of shipping regarding the collection and enforcement process of the tax as well as the unfairness of some elements of the tax.

The CA hopes that as in 2013/14, when the Ministry took nearly all the CA’s points on board resulting in a major change to Port Police duties, that they will listen again.

CA member, Chris Robb, said: ‘Through our contacts in the Greek Ministry of shipping it is clear that there has been no forward movement on the Proposed Greek Tax on Yachts. Despite the tax having been written into law two months ago, the entire taxation packages are, at the moment, under the scrutiny of the Troika before release around Christmas 2016.

‘Once that is agreed, the Ministry of shipping will then start an implementation plan, which the CA assumes will involve systems being written/adapted for the control and collection of the tax.  This will take some time.

‘There have been two attempts to implement a tax on yachts sailing in Greek waters. The first, called the TPP, was in 2014.  For this one the CA managed to get the Duties of the Port Police changed.  This tax never came into being.’

This new one was picked up late in May this year when the CA was warned that a new Duty of Yachts was to be launched and Mr Robb and other CA members sailing in Greece objected.

This is the one that is now Law but has not been implemented because it is tied up with a package of measures and taxes changes which the Troika are in the middle of agreeing. Nothing will even begin on the implementation front until this process is finished.

Keep an eye on the CA’s website for further updates on this tax: www.theca.org.uk