The ISAF Executive has conducted a review of the 3 February 2015 announcement by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) that sailing will not be included in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

This review paid particular attention to the comment of IPC that, “The IPC Governing Board is willing to reward robust athlete participation and good sport governance. Herein lies an opportunity for sailing to regroup, reform, rejuvenate and return with an improved proposition when we [IPC] launch the next review cycle in 2018.”

The Executive has therefore decided it will lead and take full responsibility for future discussions with IPC regarding the inclusion of sailing in Rio 2016 and in future Paralympic Games. ISAF President Carlo Croce will lead this endeavour and is committed to working closely and directly with IPC to reinstate sailing as a sport at the first possible opportunity.

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In a statement ISAF said: ‘While the Executive will do its utmost to achieve the reinstatement of sailing as soon as possible, the support of the wider international sailing community, including sailors, MNAs, RNAs and Classes will be critical to the early success of this endeavour.’
This community has already been asked to write letters of support for disabled sailing to be reinstated for Tokyo 2020. All such letters should be sent to