The electric powered craft which was running low on charge

RNLI’s inshore lifeboat launched at 9pm last night to assist a
visiting yachtsman in his 6m electric powered craft which was running
low on charge.

The solo sailor on passage to his home port was
attempting to enter Sovereign Harbour but after a long day at sea found
there was insufficient charge left in his batteries to navigate the
harbour entrance.

Being too far offshore for the marina workboat to
assist he contacted Dover Coastguard for help they in turn requested the
launch of Eastbourne’s inshore lifeboat.

The volunteer lifeboat crew
were on scene within a few minutes, a crewman was transferred to the
stricken craft who prepared a towline.

The vessel was then taken to the
safety of the marina locks.

Picture: Eastbourne inshore lifeboat. Credit: Bob Jeffery