Empty your boat lockers and dispose of your marine flares before they become unstable

A Cowes Week flare amnesty will be taking place tomorrow at the Cowes Harbour Office car park on the Isle of Wight.

The flare amnesty, devised by Ramora

UK and Hampshire Constabulary, has seen 5,000 flares handed in

and donations of more than £3,000 since it started in April of this


Two more amnesties are planned before the end of 2014 and an extra date has been added to coincide with Cowes Week:

Friday, 1 August: 11am – 4pm at Cowes Harbour Office car park, Town Quay PO31 7AS

Donations will go to support local youth sailing.

750kg of explosives handed in to date

David Welch, Ramora UK’s

Managing Director, said: ‘Public safety is one of our primary

concerns and we are delighted to be working closely with Hampshire

Constabulary and the various ‘amnesty’ sites as part of this initiative.


have already recovered in excess of 5,000 flares, which equates to more

than 750kg of explosives and we still have three more events left this


Safe and compliant means of disposal


Thorpe, Hampshire Constabulary’s Energy and Environmental Compliance

Advisor added: ‘These amnesties provide a safe and compliant way to

dispose of flares; reducing the potential risks to both people and the

environment through inappropriate and irresponsible disposal methods.


delighted that just half way through this series of amnesties we have

removed such a large number of potentially dangerous flares from the

public domain whilst at the same time raising money for a very

worthwhile cause.’

Ramora UK,

one of the UK’s leading Bomb Disposal companies, has joined forces with

Hampshire Constabulary in providing a solution for the disposal of out

of date marine pyrotechnics (Flares).

The purpose of the

partnership is two-fold and alongside the removal of potentially lethal

explosive items from the public domain, it is also hoped that donations

received from those handing in their flares will be used to fund a

dinghy for youngsters who would not normally have access to the water.


Damon Kennard, Hampshire Constabulary Marine Unit, said: ‘The number of

out of date flares handed in shows that this is a worthwhile public

safety initiative and we are delighted to be working with Ramora UK.


aim is to promote public safety whilst at the same time putting

something back into youth activities in the form of a sailing dinghy for

local sailing clubs.’

The Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week takes place this year from Saturday 2 August to Saturday 9 August 2014.

Click here to visit the event website.