Public given access to the beach after tonnes of metal removed

Pic: MCGA/BYM news

The clean-up operation on Branscombe beach has all but finished just under four weeks since the crew of the MSCNapoliabandoned ship 40 miles south of Cornwall.

According to the MCA website, fifty eight containers have now been disposed of and 160 tonnes of steel scrap have been removed and recycled. About 169 tonnes of other waste has also been removed from beaches and has gone for licensed disposal.

The number of containers lost from the ship still stands at 103, of which 47 are unaccounted for and are presumed sunk. There has been no official confirmation of rumours that a yacht capsize last week (read story here) was caused by collision with a submerged container.

Salvage and clean-up of the vessel continues with oil still being pumped out of the ship’s tanks. Some material continues to wash up ashore and any members of the public in possession of cargo from the ship are required to report any items to the Receiver of Wreck.