A small blue and white motor boat with two crew on board has gone missing off Cromer overnight after making a mayday distress call.

The vessel, Norfolk Girl, called Humber Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre at 00:10 today.

The caller told the Humber Coastguard that they had broken down 13.5 miles northeast of Cromer whilst on their way to Scunthorpe.

The caller also told the Coastguard that the vessel called Norfolk Girl had two people on board, was 6 metres long and was blue and white in colour. All communications were then lost.

The last reported area of the Norfolk Girl was searched by the RAF Rescue Helicopter based at Wattisham and the RNLI Lifeboat based at Cromer.

Vessels in the area were also asked for their assistance and two other vessels joined the search. Unfortunately nothing was found and at 04:45 the lifeboat and helicopter were returned to their bases.

Vessels in the area are still being asked to keep an active look out.

Humber Coastguard is now appealing for information.

Watch Manager Peter Macauley said: ‘The Mayday call was received on only one aerial so we can be certain that whoever contacted us was in the vicinity of Cromer.

‘However, despite an extensive search, we cannot find Norfolk Girl or the two people on board.

‘We are asking vessels around the North Norfolk Coast to be very vigilant and would also like to ask any member of the public with information about a pleasure vessel called Norfolk Girl to call Humber Coastguard on 01262 672317.’

Please Note: 
The vessel we are looking for is not the registered fishing vessel ‘Norfolk Girl’ (LT399) which is similar in description to the missing vessel. This has been confirmed safe and well ashore.