The Cruising Association

The Cruising Association

Founded in 1908 specifically to meet the needs of the cruising community, the Cruising Association (CA) is acknowledged as the leading organisation for sailors and motor cruisers with over 6,400 members around the world.

The CA is at the heart of the world’s boating community as a leading provider of trustworthy knowledge and information. Whether you’re just starting out and cruising in UK waters or planning to journey under power along the inland waterways of Europe or maybe you are a seasoned boat owner heading for more distant shores and blue water sailing, the benefits of membership are many and varied.

The CA is your most valuable, knowledgeable and practical cruising asset, providing services, information, help and advice to members wherever you are. Discover what the CA can do for you at

The Regulatory & Technical Services (RATS) group is made up of volunteer CA members. RATS works on behalf of cruising sailors to represent their interests and address issues of concern or interest on regulatory and technical aspects of cruising.

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A yacht with an orca

The Cruising Association is reminding sailors of its advice on orca encounters along the Iberian Peninsula, and the importance of reporting either an interaction or non-eventful passage