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Colregs: Sail meets sail, port vs starboard

If you sail, you really need to know this Colreg: If you’re on starboard tack, you have right of way.

Take a look at the video below to learn the best way to avoid a port/starboard collision at sea.

Sail meets Sail, Port vs Starboard


  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Colregs: Sail meets sail, port vs starboard
  3. 3. Colregs: Sail meets Sail, Port vs Starboard, on a reach
  4. 4. Colregs: Sail meets Sail, Windward vs Leeward
  5. 5. Colregs: Sail meets Sail, Rule 12 (iii)
  6. 6. Colregs: Sail meets Power, Overtaking
  7. 7. Colregs: Sail meets Power
  8. 8. Colregs: Power meets Power, Crossing
  9. 9. Colregs: Power meets Power, Head On
  10. 10. Colregs: Power meets Power, Overtaking
  11. 11. Colregs: Fishing Vessels
  12. 12. NEW! Colregs: Ships
  13. 13. NEW! Colregs: Traffic Separation Schemes (TSS)
  14. 14. Colregs Made Simple - thanks for watching
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