We get scrubbing to find out what effect a variety of teak cleaners have on the woodwork of a Sigma 38 moored on the River Itchen

BoatLife Teak Cleaner Powder

PRICE: £11.66 (907g)
Contact: www.boatlife.com
This, unlike any others that we tested, is a powder which is sprinkled onto a wet deck, scrubbed in with a brush and left to work. It can then be rinsed off. The manufacturer states that it will remove less soft wood than two-stage cleaners and thus leaves the wood in a better state.
The results were impressive – the powder formed a thick paste when mixed with water that really got into the grain of the wood and brought it up sparkling – although scrubbing isn’t recommended for prolonging the life of your teak.



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  2. 2. BoatLife Teak Cleaner Powder
  3. 3. Owatrol Net-Trol Wood Cleaner and Colour Restorer
  4. 4. Starbrite Teak Brightener 16ozPRICE: £11.47 (500ml)
  5. 5. Wessex Teak Cleaner & Renovator
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  7. 7. StarBrite Sea Safe Teak Brightener
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  10. 10. 30% bleach solution
  11. 11. Boracol 5rh/10Y
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