If you need to plug a hole in your glassfibre boat, fear not – repairs are easy to make. Jake Kavanagh shows how it’s done and offers some useful tips

The spinnaker pole that came with my Jeanneau SO34.2 is stout and reasonably strong, but is a little short to use as whisker pole when goose winging the genoa. More…

Two uses for Ikea bed slats

Using Ikea bed slats for a comfortable night's sleep - and as a floor for an Avon Dinghy

Credit: RNLI/Martin Fish

As a result of two successive call outs to unmanned drifting vessels, lifeboat volunteers have made a plea to boat owners to check all moorings

Osmosis repair

Even the worst cases of osmosis can be professionally treated, and while the process is expensive and time consuming, it will revive the boat and restore its value. Jake Kavanagh…

A good use for that leftover epoxy resin - Hanne and Matthijs Siljee-van Beek beef up their oars

DIY Osmosis repair

If you’ve found a few blisters on your gel coat, don’t despair. You may not need to do a full gel coat strip – which on cheaper boats may not…

After a few knocks a yacht’s keelbolts can work a little loose – but that might be just the beginning, as the owners of Quartet discovered.